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Designer, Designer Water


Since I seem to be on Bottles today, this one is available in stores today as opposed to a good idea in 1963!

The bottle at left is a limited edition Evian container created by Christian Lacroix. Evian makes a line of designer bottles every year to celebrate its commitment to "chic sophistication." If you want to spend between $5.99-$9.99 for a bottle of water, you'll find this one at high-end grocery stores and good restaurants.

But it's still a lot cheaper than that Oh So (pretentious) California potion Bling H2O.

Great Idea for Green Weddings!

In 1963, the geniuses at Heineken designed a beer bottle called the WOBO (World Bottle). Envisioned as "the Brick that Holds Beer" this bottle could be recycled directly into a brick for building.

These could be used for buildings that would be highly energy efficient and great to look at. Mr. Heineken's idea came after a trip to the islands as a solution to the waste disposal problems and the lack of affordable housing. The idea was too soon and nobody got behind it. In 1975 it was reintroduced again without much success. There is just one building in Holland created with these ingenious bottles.

With all the beer being consumed at weddings alone, isn't it time to retry this? The world is a lot more environmentally conscious than in 1975 when I was studying environmental biology.
For more information, visit A great source of "GREEN" ideas.

Fun Candy Bars


Isn't this fun? With Black and White being such a fun and fanciful rage, I share this idea from Steve Kemble for a unique candy bar. There is always an opportunity for artistic expression. A recent wedding I attended had dalmation guppies swimming in bowls on the tables. I love unique uses of theme colors.
Victoria Canada created this beauty with the help of Tabletops, Etc. and photo by David De Dios. This and more beautiful images from this wedding will be featured in our Nov-Dec Issue.

My first blog

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