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Album Design for Jim Bruno Brides

Intimate Design Solutions has moved into a bigger office and can be found 325 E Southern Avenue Suite 105 • Tempe AZ 85282 • 520-840-3066. They apologize for not updating The Wedding Chronicle (the Publisher is always the last to know!!!) They are still offering special pricing, just tell them who sent you.



We can't always use every article that is sent to The Wedding Chronicle. But sometimes the information is too good to pass up. Hence my GUEST BLOGGER today is Spencer Bass, a professional musician in the Phoenix area.

What image comes to mind when you think of a live band? Talented artists playing musical instruments and singing together? In the past, that would be an apt description. When the technology available today is utilized, “live” can be open to interpretation. How can you tell if the band you’re thinking of hiring uses high-tech devices to create their sound, rather than musicians? Today’s high-tech devices can do everything from imitate any type of musical instrument, to turning a weak singing voice into a strong one. Even adding chorus like harmonies!

A device with most potential for misuse is called a “sequencer”. When fully employed, professional musicians can be replaced by just about anyone acting like they’re playing an instrument. You may have already seen what you thought was a “live” band but was actually a staged act “lip-synching”! Remember Milli-Vanilli?

Legitimate musicians use such devices sparingly, so as not to fool the audience or damage their credibility. When the use of such devices is disclosed up front, there’s no problem. But frankly, this disclosure almost never happens and those who hire the band end up paying way too much for what they are actually receiving! Imagine purchasing what you thought was say, a genuine Rolex watch, only to find out later it’s a knock-off! The motivation for someone to “stage” a band utilizing a sequencer, rather than investing the time and money to produce a real “live” band is the same as anyone selling a counterfeit item, GREED! If your event calls for “live” music and you have never hired a band before, because of the burgeoning use of devices such as a “sequencer”, it is probably a good idea to seek professional advice or representation so the band you hire is actually “live”!

About the author: Spencer Bass, a professional musician working in the Valley over 3 decades has seen a genuine need for those seeking to hire a “live” band, have someone to represent them in the procurement process. Spencer can be reached at: (602)248-0307,(602)717-8482 Or via e-mail:

I Hate Phones!!!


I don't hate talking on them, I just hate it when they don't work. If anyone has tried to reach me in the last week, I just found out not all the phone lines have been transferred to the new office. Some have been dead... So if you have tried to reach me and found me ever so stuck up, it's really not true! I just don't know you called. Please email me at and I'll call you right back or as soon as I can. Thanks for your understanding.

Our Annual Grooms Edition is Out


It's on the streets starting today, the Fifth Annual Grooms Edition of the Wedding Chronicle. A toast to grooms everywhere because without you... there would be no wedding. Oh, the power! I have been told that by the end of October, every groom in the Valley hates us. Because every bride has picked up this issue of the Chronicle and read it from cover to cover to make sure that all the articles reflect her side of the argument. She rips out the offending pages and hands it to her groom and saying, “Read this.”
We know this is not the preferred reading list for most gentlemen but let me give you the Cliff Note version of this issue. If you want to make your bride happy she said yes, early on choose the activities in which you wish to be involved and stay out of the rest. I know that’s easier said than done but Patti Zint, our fabulous writer, takes you through four easy steps to turn that Bridezilla back into the woman you love.
We also have some sage advice for you from our zany, zaftig Zadie; ideas to get the music you want at the reception and perhaps a hint or two about all those toasts! So cheers and thank you. We would be nothing without you.
We have some new faces that have joined the staff of the newspaper. Our newest writer is going to help keep us focused on the most important part of the wedding day—the spiritual component. His name is Rabbi Weiner and you may know him by his fabulous tag line, Got Rabbi?
Believe it or not, another sister has joined the Chronicle. Her name is Bobbie Darzes and she is a senior account executive for us. It’s amazing how much better we all get along now that Barbie dolls are not involved. You will see her at upcoming bridal shows, trade events and anywhere horses can be found. You’ll recognize her by her beautiful smile and Lucy red hair.
We have a new office too. I’ll be sending pictures to my blog once I unpack my camera. It’s in a box around here somewhere…

WMBA Offer Extended

By popular demand, the special 2 for 1 offer for the Wedding Business Merchant Academy (see last post) has been extended till September 12. Don't miss it. It is the best early Christmas Present you can give yourself.

Some Very Special HELP for Wedding Vendors


One of the things I find so distressing for the small business owners in the wedding industry is the lack of resources to improve business skills. That was until I attended the Wedding Business Merchant Academy last year at the Phoenix Convention Center. I learned things that not only helped me help my advertisers, but that four days changed the course of The Wedding Chronicle as well. For the better I must add.
People come from all over the country for this. The convention is coming to Phoenix September 22-25th. Speakers from such publications an Brides Magazine, the Knot, Martha Stewart Weddings will be there to help your business survive the economic downturn. For more information, visit for details. For a limited time, I can offer admission for 2 for the price of 1 discounts. All you need to do is email me at for the special application form to give you the discount.

Why Advertise in a Newspaper?


The Wedding Chronicle is such a unique publication, we know. People have asked me when are we going glossy like all the other magazines. The answer is no time soon. The benefits of a newspaper for our advertisers are many. The American Marketing Association points out the following:
  • Newspapers permit an advertiser to reach a large number of people within a specified geographical area.
  • The printed advertising message has both permanence and desired obsolescence. A reader can refer back to, or even clip and save, a particular ad, yet the next edition is new and fresh and as eagerly sought by the same reader.
  • The newspaper offers a predictable frequency of publication
  • Newspapers have immediacy. You can place an ad and within a few weeks be getting results. The frequency of publication permits quicker responses to changing market conditions.
  • People expect to find advertising in their newspapers. In fact, many people buy newspapers just to read the ads.
  • Newspapers also give a confidence to the buyer that the vendor is still in business and actively looking for new business.
So maybe you need to rethink newsprint for your marketing plans. Unlike most newspapers, we have our computers color calibrated to the monster presses used.Our digital files will then lay down the correct amount of ink and reproduce images more clearly then any other publication I have seen before. In fact, The Phoenix Business Journal and Frontdoors Lifestyle Newspaper just switched to our printer Valley Newspapers because of the quality of our publication. Thanks Valley!

Blogging with the Best of Them


I am sitting with the talented Charlee Geisler of Signature Events discussing blogs. There are so many great ideas opened to brides as well as professionals through the miracle of the internet. I love reading blogs every day and find it cathartic to rant and rave in public.

Charlee writes for The Wedding Chronicle about weddings and event planning and I have convinced her to share some of her insights and ideas developed during her 18 years doing this. I place some random pictures of her events below. She is the 2008 Wedding Chronicle Readers Poll Best Wedding Planner recipient.

Watch for Charlee's Blog soon!


Finally, one of my favorite tables at the NACE ELEMENTS COMPETITION posted images of her work and it was one of my favorites. The very talented Aleasha Shelton of A Day To Cherish Weddings and Events created this in the contemporary category. She received a 2nd place this year, but I my book she had the most creative table in the category. Nice work Aleasha but I don't think I will ever understand how your brain works.

The Grass is Green and so is the GAS!

Summer in the city is just a little bit hotter this year. Although delaying its arrival, I have lost count of the 110 plus degree days we are experiencing. One thing is for certain, it is costing us all a bit more to stay cool this summer.
There are things you can do to mitigate the heat and save a little money while planning your nuptials. I mean besides grabbing a margarita, heading to the pool and brainstorming. First grab some old issues of The Wedding Chronicle, fill a pitcher of margaritas then head to the pool. Many of you forget that in each issue we feature all NEW information and ideas. We don’t recycle content in different covers. Each issue from years past will have great ways to help you accomplish your goals with style and panache.
Do your idea grabbing and wedding research with all the available content of our publications and on our website; use the internet before you set out in the hot car. You know that thing that burns dollars faster these days than paper under a magnifying glass? Make your trips organized and few in number. You will be surprised how many vendors will meet with you in half hour segments at a nice cool coffee café to help you get your job done. Pick a place centrally located like the Tempe Marketplace or Desert Ridge Marketplace. It may be a long day but will probably save you money in the long run.
If you must visit their establishment, make your route efficient. Try on gowns at Mariée and then look for a plus sized mother-of-the-bride at Diva’s. Visit Gainey Suites for hotel accommodations or to have an intimate event right there. Next swing by Pretty Papers to choose your invitations, then up to Flora Europa for flowers and now back home again.
There are routes like this all over the city. Email me with what you are looking for and I can help you develop an itinerary for just about every part of the city. Just look at it as the ultimate commitment to the planet we share with you.
The picture on our cover is of Danielle Reali and her new husband Matt Kennerlly. The photography is by Sergio, an amazingly wonderful photographer.

Where is Jim Bruno? The Unfinished Story

Jim Bruno and Star Studio is still not living up to his promises! I received an email from Lindsay Sweeting saying,
"Has anyone got their pictures from Jim since Anne did the report? He promised me by July 1st i would have all my pictures and now he is not returning phone calls or emails. I don't know what to do??? I am so frustrated!!!!! Please email me and let me know what happened with all your pictures."

Lindsay, I will forward this to Andrea Yeager at ABC News 15 and let her know the problem has not gone away.


Also one of my advertisers has stepped up and is offering to design all Jim Bruno/ Star Studio albums at greatly reduced prices. To reach them go to their web site: Intimate Design Solutions.

Winner - NACE Confections Competition

Winner of 3 awards at this years ELEMENTS Competition at the J.W. Marriott - Desert Ridge this year was my friend and advertiser Andrea Carusetta-Blaut of Sedona Cake Couture. On Monday, June 30th, she took 1st Place in the Vintage category, Best of Show (of all entries) and People's Choice Award (voted by the public that attended). This was the 2nd year in a row that she took these top 3 awards! Next year she will be a judge so that others can be so recognized.

Twenty of Arizona's finest cake artists competed. The themes were: traditional. contemporary, retro and vintage. Andrea chose Vintage. I don't have pictures of the other cakes yet but isn't Andrea's amazing. She saw an actual picture of this vase and recreated it in sugar. Those are not real flowers, they are SUGAR! For tasting she brought my favorite of her cakes the chocolate with espresso buttercream. Ummmmmmmmmm. And she is so thin!

My lovely friend Barbara Gardner of Let Them Eat Cake (also an advertiser) had two Kick Ass Cakes! They were also award winning but I don't have pictures of them... yet!

It was a fun evening and I hope to post pictures of the amazing tables as soon as I can get my hands on them. I also want to give a special shout to Connie Thiebault the coordinator extraordinaire of the J.W.Marriott - Desert Ridge. I don't see how she slept. The evening was flawless! Thanks... Oh how I hate my job! (not)

What Inspires Me... Daniel Ost


David Ost is the world-renowned, award-winning Belgian flower artist. I enjoy his sensitive fusion of oriental and western sensibilities on so many levels. Terms like environmental and organic don't do justice to his detailed creations.
To quote his website:
"Daniel Ost’s arrangements demonstrate an uncanny sensitivity to the form, color, and texture of both the flowers and the containers that hold them. Seeing the best of his work, you may wonder whether the vase dictated the choice of plant materials, or whether the leaves, stems, and flowers somehow conjured up their receptacle. He can look at a vase and immediately visualize how to fill it; he especially enjoys the challenge of a container with a particularly difficult color and shape. “When I know I need something, I don’t compromise,” he says, recalling the time he once had a driver take him 300 miles (he does not drive) to procure orchids from a German nursery. “The difference between the ordinary and the extraordinary is in the details. I see one color in the glaze that my staff did not see, and I say, “We must add this to the arrangement”.

"Events by Daniel Ost are considered a one in a lifetime experience; it is his wish and desire to create a floral fantasy for his Clients so their Guests will be mesmerized by the craftsmanship, art and beauty of the finished product. When Daniel receives a commission, usually to decorate lavish parties, Ost begins by making sketches of his ideas in watercolor. After the client chooses a design, he prepares a proposal and drawings with the precision of an engineer. The Daniel Ost approach is much different than that of the conventional party planner as they create their designs through the computer and Daniel’s work is created through the fundamentals of fine art. By taking this approach Daniel Ost when creating your event will know and understand how the pieces of the installation fit together, the traditional party planner is left guessing through the process. Through our motto “Excellence is in the Details” we create the world’s finest events that are truly designed and intended for those who have the intellect and love for fine art to enjoy and understand them!"
"Daniel Ost and Company has a Team of Experts who can design, install and manage the social event that you have been dreaming about. We only accept a limited amount of requests annually and our clientèle provide Daniel Ost the artistic and resource freedom to create their once in a lifetime social event."

His books are on my Christmas list. Hint Hint

Shoot I still can't format this well!

Best Fish I Have Ever Eaten

I must qualify this statement by saying I usually hate fish. (I love food just hate fish!) For me, it can't look like a fish, have any body parts on it including skin and above all else smell like a fish. Do not take me to a crab shack with newspaper, mallets and buckets. Uh-uh. But the fish I ate was the Grilled Alaskan halibut steak topped with feta cheese, sliced tomato, fresh Greek oregano and lemon garlic sauce. Served with potatoes & vegetables. The picture and the description do not do justice to the great food my guests and I enjoyed at Alexi's Grill in Phoenix, Wednesday. I also heard very favorable remarks about the trout (from a fly fisherman from Montana), salmon and rack of lamb. Add the key lime pie, tiramisu and cheesecake with strawberry sauce and you get the idea we were rolled like barrels out of there. If you are looking for a new place with a classic continental feel, great waiters and friendly owner Michael, visit Alexi's. 3550 N. Central Avenue (At Osborn). 602-279-0982 A GREAT PLACE for rehearsal dinners and they do cater professionally.

PS: I hope those who read this and haven't met me know that I would not write this just because they are an advertiser with The Wedding Chronicle. I write it because it is true.

Coolest Event Tonight at Marriott Desert Ridge

Starting at 3:00 pm this afternoon, The National Association of Catering Executives is hosting the 2nd annual ELEMENTS Competition. Designers, florists, event planners, caterers and rental companies go head to head in a table design contest under four categories. Retro, Contemporary, Traditional and Vintage. There will be master bakers competing under the same categories for cakes. Some pictures from last year follow. (Categories last year were fire, water, sky and earth)
Admission to the event $10.00.

Scott Corridan - Trunk Show at Mariée

Tuesday, July 1: Celebrity wedding and event planner, Scott Corridan, will be presenting his debut line of couture wedding gowns at Mariée on Tuesday, July 1. White Chocolate Label combines the luxury that Scott’s celebrity customers expect while paying homage to the subtle aesthetics appreciated in the California coastal ranching lifestyle. Join us for Champagne, tapas, and luxury. |

The Shops at Gainey Village
8787 N. Scottsdale Road #120
Scottsdale, AZ 85253

Time is Running Out – Register Now for Spotlight! Arizona 2008


Tuesday, June 17th at the University of Phoenix Stadium – Glendale


This is not a show for Brides, this is a show for wedding vendors especially event planners!

Learn, Network and Have Fun at the 3rd Annual Spotlight! AZ Trade Show for the Arizona meeting and event industry.

Meeting & Event Planners - Spotlight! features:

*A fabulous keynote luncheon featuring Industry Trends Expert & Celebrity Planner Michael Cerbelli

*Expo Floor featuring 150+ exhibitors as well as plenty of fun demonstrations and activities

*Three Free Educational Sessions throughout the day

*Exciting Stage Entertainment, Raffle Prizes, and Complimentary Food & Beverage

*The Sweetest Hour Finale Reception presented by Global Spectrum, the University of Phoenix Stadium and Centerplate Catering-an event extravaganza showing the stadium in a way you’ve never seen before!

This is the best Spotlight yet, and you don’t want to miss out!

IT IS FREE TO ATTEND!* If you plan any type of meetings or events, register now to attend!

Register Here:

*With the exception of the Michael Cerbelli kick-off luncheon which is only $50! Please note that attending is only open to planners, and not non-exhibiting suppliers.

Vendors: Interested in Exhibiting? Space is still available - Register NOW!

Register Here:

Thank you to our promotional partners: MPI, HSMAI, ISES, NACE, SITE, HIP, AzSAE, WEN, The Wedding Chronicle, Southwest Meetings & Events and the West Valley Events Coalition.

Thank you to our sponsors: University of Phoenix Stadium, Global Spectrum, Centerplate Catering, GES, Action Registration, TIS/Pixtreme, Kool Party Rentals, RegOnline, KaBloom, Shadow Mountain Productions, Living Energy Productions, Fairytale Brownies, Bahr Photography, Super Hero Productions, Marveless Transportation, Gold Stars Speakers Bureau, Connection Pros, Exhibit Experts, Robert Van Arlen LLC, The Wedding Chronicle and Foot Klan Entertainment.

Questions? Contact us at 800.914.1421 or at

Don't Use Overnight Prints

I believe it's all our responsibilities to alert the masses about bad internet companies. I should have Googled the company! I ordered 4000 tradeshow postcards on May 18. I am a graphic designer so the cards were printable and I know Overnight Prints had no problem because I asked. They were printed Monday May 19, shipped May 20 supposedly. I paid for 3 day select and these won’t be delivered until sometime on the 27th. 9 DAYS!
After 3 hours on the phone, they refused to reprint the cards tonight and overnight them. I could pay to have them reprinted and overnighted and they would give me a 50% discount on the printing part only. Now that I read all the problems with Saturday delivery on the blogs, I know they were just blowing smoke up my skirt. (By the way, they may be a California company but they let slip that all the printing is done by another company in Louisville KY, UPS’s home and hub. They are simply middle men.) I talked to Elizabeth in Customer Service then her supervisor Michael. I believe that was his name.
I have used printers for 14 years and have never had such an unresponsive company. All he kept saying was that was not their policy and he couldn’t change the policy just for me. Stay away from them! Every company makes mistakes but the difference between a great company and a horrible one like Overnight Prints is how they handle the problem. And this company really blew it!

Best Event Décor - Tabletops and Celebrations in Paper

One of my favorite categories in the ISES Competition is Best Event Decor and entrants this year did not disappoint. The Winner won with the following:

Dianna Samuels, Table Tops, Etc. & Rene Showalter, Celebrations in Paper for “Celebration of Life Birthday”



THE SECOND ANNUAL ARIZONA EVENT INDUSTRY AWARDS were held last night at the Venue, Scottsdale. Sponsored by ISES -The Zonies are becoming the first industry recognition program from the industry itself. There were more corporate entries than wedding but still with 24 awards given, our advertisers won six of the best. They are as follows:

· Best Non-Proft Event, Budget Over $25,000: Karen Doan & Melissa Lewis, Karen Doan Events & Table Tops, Etc. for “Beach Ball South Beach Nights”

· Best Social Event, Budget Over $25,000: Victoria Canada, Victoria Canada Weddings & Events for “Modern Mediterranean

· Best Use of Rental Equipment: Jack Weiner, Kool Party Rentals for “The Stuff that Dreams are Made of”

· Best Event Décor: Dianna Samuels & Rene Showalter, Table Tops, Etc. & Celebrations in Paper for “Celebration of Life Birthday”

· Best Event Photography/Videography: Stuart Thurlkill, Eyes 2 See Photography for “A Night in Old Havana

· Best Multi-Day Event: Victoria Canada, Victoria Canada Weddings & Events for “Texas Panhandle, Arizona Style”

The rest of the awards were:

· Best Non-Profit Event, Budget Under $25,000: Camille Hill, Merestone for “Wine, Dinner & Song”

· Best Off Premise Catering: Michael’s Catering for “LEAP Associates”

· Best On Premise Catering: Judy Moline & Sean Kavanaugh, Centerplate for “GridIron Chef”

· Best Social Event, Budget Under $25,000: LoriAnn Harnish, Speaking of Meetings for “The Lady of the West”

· Best Corporate Event, Budget Under $25,000: Camille Hill, Merestone for “A Celebration of Gratitude and Grandeur”

· Best Corporate Event, Budget Over $25,000: Camille Hill, Merestone for “Fast Forward” We were robbed!

· Best Event Marketing Campaign: Camille Hill, Merestone for “The Journey Continues”

· Best Fair/Festival: Bob Sullivan, Arizona Super Bowl Host Committee for “Countdown to Kickoff…100 Days & Counting”

· Best Lighting/Technical Production: Camille Hill, Merestone for “The Journey Continues”

· Best Logistical Achievement: Camille Hill, Merestone for “Fast Forward”

· Entertainment Production: Camille Hill, Merestone for “Emerge”

· Lifetime Achievement Award: Bill Danner, Shadow Mountain Productions

Winners were chosen from 48 entries. Each entrant had to be a member of the event & hospitality industry in the state of Arizona (but not a member of ISES) and have an Arizona address and the event must have occurred within the state of Arizona between January 1-December 31, 2007.

New Term in Our Lexicon - Eco-Elegance!

I just received a press release for a Eco-Elegance Wedding from British Columbia at The Rise. Bride Barb McKechnie and Groom Jeff Boschert planned a wedding using as many sustainable products as possible. It looks like a very pretty wedding. But a word of caution! Be careful of fads. A little background on me, I have a degree in not only Bio-Chemistry but also Environmental Biology from 30 years ago. I know, I know I am old, but with age comes some wisdom too. I have seen so many mistakes in the name of "The Environment" now called "Climate Change."

I was one of the first to think plastic bags were a bad idea in the grocery stores but we had to save the trees. We have now changed the term global warming into climate change because the earth actually cooled over the last few years. Scientists know that sunspot activity has more to do with the earth's temperature than anything man can do.

That doesn't mean the whole movement is a sham. We should be building and buying sustainable products. But a bamboo plate and fork in a plastic trash bag still fills up a landfill. So tread carefully. If you are buying recyclable products, make sure they are recycled. Send your extra food from your wedding to the local food bank or mission. Take the flowers to nursing homes (make sure you don't need to return the vase to the florist first). Instead of favors, make a charitable donation to a cause you believe in. And follow through. Make sure your wishes are going to be carried out. That's the true mission of environmental stewardship. Do what you can and see that it is done right. We can all make a difference, the smart way.

The BEST Bridesmaid Gifts Ever!


Every bride planning a wedding faces this dilemma: What do I give my bridesmaids to thank them for all their help? A bride wants to find a lovely gift that will last, has meaning, is great fashion, and will remind her friends of the great year they spent planning her wedding. On the other hand, she many not want to spend a huge amount of money. There is a business that is the answer to this dilemma. Charity Charms fills the bill on all counts PLUS puts money in the pockets of various charities around the metropolitan area. (Now some National Charities are coming on board!)
Charity Charms brings awareness and provides a funding source for more than forty charities. Founded by Kay McDonald in 2004, Charity Charms is the wonderful result of diligence and passion. After 20 years in the jewelry business, Kay decided to develop an innovative concept which incorporated her background and fed her philanthropic desire.
Charity Charms are created from a charity’s logo, and when worn, allow the wearer to show their passion and permit them to talk about the charities near and dear to their heart. The charms come beautifully wrapped in small oval hatboxes accompanied with information about the charity. When worn the charm spreads the word about your favorite charity.
Seventy-five percent of the purchase price of the charity logo charms is donated back to the charity. The silver charms are crafted out of heavy sterling in Arizona. Charms, bracelets, necklaces, earrings, cuff links, pins and pendants are some of the wonderful choices available from the web site.
I have also noticed that weddings seem to come in bunches. Brides and their friends all get married at once. These weddings include the same people…wouldn’t it be nice for each bride to select her charity and by the end of the wedding rush, each girl would have a beautiful charm bracelet. Don’t forget, Charity Charms has grooms’ gifts too.
Create your own unique piece that signifies passion for a cause.
Find Charity Charms at

Local Videographers Mentioned in Top Magazine

Enough of the bad news for a while! Some great news for a change. One of my favorite magazines is Bride and Bloom out of Torrance California. Imagine my surprise when reading an article about Wedding Videographers the names Darby Simon and Ande Martineau of My Wedding Film popped out at me. The article is about Hollywood style now becoming integral for wedding films. and Darby and Ande are some of the experts they quoted. Known for their cutting edge style, they taught me something new. Because Brides are used to watching television, the main wedding film is now kept under 25 minutes. Sure you can get the whole shebang and they give that to the Bride too. But the clever shorter production is what everyone else wants to see. I like it when our local artists are recognized for their expertise on a national platform. It makes me proud. Way to go girls, I am proud of you!

A Step in the Right Direction

They say sunshine is the best antiseptic, so I took some steps to get some publicity for the plight of you brides going through the Star Studio Fiasco. A reporter for Channel 15, Anne Yeager is on the story. Hopefully they will air the story as soon as possible. If you are one of the brides and would like to come forward about your story, please email Anne at immediately with your contact information. She wants to talk to you.
I pray this will keep another bride from having her wedding ruined. If you are a bride that has signed with Star Studio for an upcoming wedding, I may be able to help you find another, better photographer to capture the memories of the day. Just email me.

Another Jim Bruno Problem

And I quote from a recent email...


I am writing to you today in response to the Jim Bruno Story. He was our wedding photographer in November of 2007, and now we can not get a hold of him to get our pictures. We have been trying since March, I do have his cell number which is 480-228-2515 but of course he never answers or returns our calls. So if you have any other way of reaching him I would greatly appreciate it, or if you have heard anything about him since that last story about him we would love to know about it!

Thank you,
Meghan McLaughlin

Based on BBB files, this company has an unsatisfactory record with the BBB due to failure to respond to a complaint.

I hate to go on about this But I want to make sure these Brides are taken care of.

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