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We can't always use every article that is sent to The Wedding Chronicle. But sometimes the information is too good to pass up. Hence my GUEST BLOGGER today is Spencer Bass, a professional musician in the Phoenix area.

What image comes to mind when you think of a live band? Talented artists playing musical instruments and singing together? In the past, that would be an apt description. When the technology available today is utilized, “live” can be open to interpretation. How can you tell if the band you’re thinking of hiring uses high-tech devices to create their sound, rather than musicians? Today’s high-tech devices can do everything from imitate any type of musical instrument, to turning a weak singing voice into a strong one. Even adding chorus like harmonies!

A device with most potential for misuse is called a “sequencer”. When fully employed, professional musicians can be replaced by just about anyone acting like they’re playing an instrument. You may have already seen what you thought was a “live” band but was actually a staged act “lip-synching”! Remember Milli-Vanilli?

Legitimate musicians use such devices sparingly, so as not to fool the audience or damage their credibility. When the use of such devices is disclosed up front, there’s no problem. But frankly, this disclosure almost never happens and those who hire the band end up paying way too much for what they are actually receiving! Imagine purchasing what you thought was say, a genuine Rolex watch, only to find out later it’s a knock-off! The motivation for someone to “stage” a band utilizing a sequencer, rather than investing the time and money to produce a real “live” band is the same as anyone selling a counterfeit item, GREED! If your event calls for “live” music and you have never hired a band before, because of the burgeoning use of devices such as a “sequencer”, it is probably a good idea to seek professional advice or representation so the band you hire is actually “live”!

About the author: Spencer Bass, a professional musician working in the Valley over 3 decades has seen a genuine need for those seeking to hire a “live” band, have someone to represent them in the procurement process. Spencer can be reached at: (602)248-0307,(602)717-8482 Or via e-mail:
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October 7, 2008 at 7:44 PM

Sequencer...that work just erks me. Great post.

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