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What Are They Thinking

As a publisher of The Wedding Chronicle I receive some strange Press Releases. With the wedding economy being one of the most stable during this recession, companies now believe if you can link it to marriage, it will sell. Hence the following press release:

With This Ice Cream I Thee Wed

Blue Bell Creameries Introduces Groom’s Cake in May

Blue Bell's New Flavor - You'll Love it Enough to Marry it

BRENHAM, TEX. – Every wedding should be celebrated with a toss of the bouquet, a toast to the happy couple and a bowl of Blue Bell Ice Cream… Blue Bell Groom’s Cake Ice Cream to be exact. The newest creation from “the little creamery” is sure to become a wedding tradition.

Groom’s Cake Ice Cream is a luscious chocolate ice cream with chocolate cake pieces and chocolate coated strawberry hearts, surrounded by swirls of strawberry sauce and chocolate icing.

“The inspiration for this flavor came from an actual groom’s cake I tasted at a family friend’s wedding,” said Brenda Valera, director of research and development at Blue Bell “It was so delicious, a chocolate cake with chocolate icing, a strawberry filling and chocolate coated strawberries on top. The flavors were perfect for an ice cream. ”

The tradition of a groom’s cake originated in the South, just like Texas-based Blue Bell Ice Cream. Many Southern weddings feature a cake for the bride, which is usually the larger, more grand creation with a groom’s cake displayed nearby.

“Our ice cream might just change the whole groom’s cake concept,” Valera added. “We have already had employees request it be served at their weddings in place of an actual cake. It’s a great-tasting flavor that you can enjoy at a wedding or at home for no special reason at all.”

Groom’s Cake Ice Cream will be available in May and can be found at Albertson’s, Fry’s, Basha’s, Super K-Mart, and Walmart.

For more information and ice cream recipes, visit Blue Bell online at

Arizona's Platinum Wedding

Did you see it? Did you see it? IT was so cool! And I saw Amy Vandervort and her assistant Julie Horvath (now with BBJ Linen) Christine Seigel (The Flower Studio) and Laurie Southwick Southwick Linens.

Everybody looked so cool.

Tips for Getting your Wedding on TV


Platinum Weddings Sunday, April 19th Episode
is featuring a wedding featured in The Wedding Chronicle. Summer Degado and Matt Gehrke were married at The Four Seasons, Scottsdale at Troon North June 21, 2008.

Photographers were Katrina Wallace and Andrew Mejia and edited Hollye Schumacher. Amy Vandervort was the coordinator. The gorgeous flowers were provided The Flower Studio and Petal Pusher. Ray the DJ was present. The Spin was one of the live bands for the affair.

Tri-Rentals and Kool Party Rentals provide much of the splendid decor. My friend Doug Johnston, Avant Garde Limousines coordinated all the transportation. I can't wait for the show.

I recently expanded my cable selections in my office due to the superabundance of wedding shows. I can almost watch a wedding program every hour of the day. Unfortunately, my favorite show "Platinum Weddings" on WeTV shows at 11:00pm on Sunday nights here in Phoenix. I am either too tired from the weekend or I manage to stay up for a couple of episodes and am cranky all Monday from lack of sleep. These are the top weddings with budgets over $100,000 and some go into the millions. I love the ideas, love the professionalism of the planners and love the fact that they usually don't portray the bridal party in a negative light.

Some other shows are WeTV's "Bridezillas," "Amazing Wedding Cakes," "My Fair Wedding" and "Rich Bride, Poor Bride" or TLC, home to "Say Yes to the Dress,""Get Married with Collin Cowie on Lifetime, and even "Whose Wedding Is It Anyway?," on E!'s Style Network. Most of these can be seen in full episodes online as well.

Getting on some of these shows could offer you some services you might not normally afford but at what price? First, having your wedding selected is a lot like getting on a game show. You need to be very appealing! Having a good backstory (as it is referred to) meaning how you met. Did you postpone the wedding because your dog died and you were transported to Oz in a tornado? Great backstory!

Next, you have to fill out the questionaire very creatively! Send an scrapbook with all the questions answered with lots of visual embellishments. Send a video tape along with the questionaire. Do something creative and different to get noticed.

You have to succeed in the first two steps before you get to the Screen Test. Be obsessed or be crazy but above all be authentic in a high energy sort of way. Nothing is more boring than a groom that agrees with everything.

But be prepared to give up some of the control. You may not be able to pick the wedding date and when you do get a date the network can come tape, be ready to find a venue on short notice.
Be ready to have the worst of you and your friends and family portrayed. Although it doesn't always happen, it does make for good TV. The network controls all the footage. So don't say it, think it or do it if you don't want it aired. Be ready to be provoke for reactions also.

If all of this hasn't scared you away, you may be one of the lucky ones that is selected. You will get great video of your day. Your vendors may offer a little extra to show them off in the best light. And who knows, you may have something to share with your grandkids some day.

I can't wait for the show. Of course I will be cranky Monday morning.

Eyelash Extensions Go Big Time

Our beautiful new First Lady has found the secret any bride can easily attain. Semi-permanent eyelash extensions. These are available here in the valley but there are many different skill levels. To have good extensions discuss the length, the thickness and the color of each lash that will be applied. How quick drying is the glue they use? Ask to see a completed set if possible.

Your lash artist should want to know how you intend to wear your makeup on your wedding day. If you are going for a natural look, you may not want 16-18 mm thick black lashes. My preference ( I am an old lady) is a thinner 10mm-12mm lash. If I need a more dramatic look, I can add mascara. Great Lash by Mabeline is a water based mascara that goes on clean and more importantly comes off clean without hurting your lashes.

Your lashes should be glued on one lash to one lash. Any clumping can cause extra lashes to be pulled out prematurely. This is an operator skill as well as your ability to not leave before they are dried. My eyes are really sensitive so I will have red eyes the rest of the day. You cannot get them wet for 24 hours but then for me, after they are washed the sensitivity goes away.

They last on me about three weeks before I need them refreshed. That doesn't mean they all fall off. No, your lashes are in a continual state of growing and falling out. The cycle is about 6 weeks. So I always check when I see a lash has fallen out to see if my real lash is attached as it should be. I also rub my eyes in my sleep, so a set that can last 3 weeks has been out on well.

The cost of a full set in the valley is everywhere from $150.00 - $500.00. Cost does not imply skill. Refills should be in the $30-$50 range. Do your research. There is nothing better than having beautiful, flirty lashes.

The Wedding Chronicle recommends Koltton Fox and Ramon Bacaui 480-946-2015 in Scottsdale and in Phoenix, Julia Trigile.

Disclaimer: I am not an expert on lashes, I am simply writing about my experiences. If I am incorrect with my facts, by all means leave a comment and straighten me out. If I have omitted something, please contribute. Thanks AV

Great Idea for Garden Weddings on the GRASS


Stick-in-the-mud no more!
Give your wedges a rest this summer -- wearing stilettos on grassy knolls is made possible again, thanks to SoleMates ($11.95 at Duane Reade). The reusable slip-on heel-protector was invented by two Columbia Business School grads, and is designed to increase the surface area on the bottom of the heel. Thanks to the NY Post for this find.

Happiness Comes in Little Ways


I received an envelope informing me I won a contest on Marcia's Blog .
I was unaware I had entered it but never to look a gift horse in the mouth, I took my nephew to see "Knowing" last night!
I wish I wasn't "Knowing" so much about the movie.!!! Not one of the greatest I have seen. But I enjoyed being with my nephew.
Thanks Marcia.

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