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Blogging with the Best of Them


I am sitting with the talented Charlee Geisler of Signature Events discussing blogs. There are so many great ideas opened to brides as well as professionals through the miracle of the internet. I love reading blogs every day and find it cathartic to rant and rave in public.

Charlee writes for The Wedding Chronicle about weddings and event planning and I have convinced her to share some of her insights and ideas developed during her 18 years doing this. I place some random pictures of her events below. She is the 2008 Wedding Chronicle Readers Poll Best Wedding Planner recipient.

Watch for Charlee's Blog soon!


Finally, one of my favorite tables at the NACE ELEMENTS COMPETITION posted images of her work and it was one of my favorites. The very talented Aleasha Shelton of A Day To Cherish Weddings and Events created this in the contemporary category. She received a 2nd place this year, but I my book she had the most creative table in the category. Nice work Aleasha but I don't think I will ever understand how your brain works.

The Grass is Green and so is the GAS!

Summer in the city is just a little bit hotter this year. Although delaying its arrival, I have lost count of the 110 plus degree days we are experiencing. One thing is for certain, it is costing us all a bit more to stay cool this summer.
There are things you can do to mitigate the heat and save a little money while planning your nuptials. I mean besides grabbing a margarita, heading to the pool and brainstorming. First grab some old issues of The Wedding Chronicle, fill a pitcher of margaritas then head to the pool. Many of you forget that in each issue we feature all NEW information and ideas. We don’t recycle content in different covers. Each issue from years past will have great ways to help you accomplish your goals with style and panache.
Do your idea grabbing and wedding research with all the available content of our publications and on our website; use the internet before you set out in the hot car. You know that thing that burns dollars faster these days than paper under a magnifying glass? Make your trips organized and few in number. You will be surprised how many vendors will meet with you in half hour segments at a nice cool coffee café to help you get your job done. Pick a place centrally located like the Tempe Marketplace or Desert Ridge Marketplace. It may be a long day but will probably save you money in the long run.
If you must visit their establishment, make your route efficient. Try on gowns at Mariée and then look for a plus sized mother-of-the-bride at Diva’s. Visit Gainey Suites for hotel accommodations or to have an intimate event right there. Next swing by Pretty Papers to choose your invitations, then up to Flora Europa for flowers and now back home again.
There are routes like this all over the city. Email me with what you are looking for and I can help you develop an itinerary for just about every part of the city. Just look at it as the ultimate commitment to the planet we share with you.
The picture on our cover is of Danielle Reali and her new husband Matt Kennerlly. The photography is by Sergio, an amazingly wonderful photographer.

Where is Jim Bruno? The Unfinished Story

Jim Bruno and Star Studio is still not living up to his promises! I received an email from Lindsay Sweeting saying,
"Has anyone got their pictures from Jim since Anne did the report? He promised me by July 1st i would have all my pictures and now he is not returning phone calls or emails. I don't know what to do??? I am so frustrated!!!!! Please email me and let me know what happened with all your pictures."

Lindsay, I will forward this to Andrea Yeager at ABC News 15 and let her know the problem has not gone away.


Also one of my advertisers has stepped up and is offering to design all Jim Bruno/ Star Studio albums at greatly reduced prices. To reach them go to their web site: Intimate Design Solutions.

Winner - NACE Confections Competition

Winner of 3 awards at this years ELEMENTS Competition at the J.W. Marriott - Desert Ridge this year was my friend and advertiser Andrea Carusetta-Blaut of Sedona Cake Couture. On Monday, June 30th, she took 1st Place in the Vintage category, Best of Show (of all entries) and People's Choice Award (voted by the public that attended). This was the 2nd year in a row that she took these top 3 awards! Next year she will be a judge so that others can be so recognized.

Twenty of Arizona's finest cake artists competed. The themes were: traditional. contemporary, retro and vintage. Andrea chose Vintage. I don't have pictures of the other cakes yet but isn't Andrea's amazing. She saw an actual picture of this vase and recreated it in sugar. Those are not real flowers, they are SUGAR! For tasting she brought my favorite of her cakes the chocolate with espresso buttercream. Ummmmmmmmmm. And she is so thin!

My lovely friend Barbara Gardner of Let Them Eat Cake (also an advertiser) had two Kick Ass Cakes! They were also award winning but I don't have pictures of them... yet!

It was a fun evening and I hope to post pictures of the amazing tables as soon as I can get my hands on them. I also want to give a special shout to Connie Thiebault the coordinator extraordinaire of the J.W.Marriott - Desert Ridge. I don't see how she slept. The evening was flawless! Thanks... Oh how I hate my job! (not)

What Inspires Me... Daniel Ost


David Ost is the world-renowned, award-winning Belgian flower artist. I enjoy his sensitive fusion of oriental and western sensibilities on so many levels. Terms like environmental and organic don't do justice to his detailed creations.
To quote his website:
"Daniel Ost’s arrangements demonstrate an uncanny sensitivity to the form, color, and texture of both the flowers and the containers that hold them. Seeing the best of his work, you may wonder whether the vase dictated the choice of plant materials, or whether the leaves, stems, and flowers somehow conjured up their receptacle. He can look at a vase and immediately visualize how to fill it; he especially enjoys the challenge of a container with a particularly difficult color and shape. “When I know I need something, I don’t compromise,” he says, recalling the time he once had a driver take him 300 miles (he does not drive) to procure orchids from a German nursery. “The difference between the ordinary and the extraordinary is in the details. I see one color in the glaze that my staff did not see, and I say, “We must add this to the arrangement”.

"Events by Daniel Ost are considered a one in a lifetime experience; it is his wish and desire to create a floral fantasy for his Clients so their Guests will be mesmerized by the craftsmanship, art and beauty of the finished product. When Daniel receives a commission, usually to decorate lavish parties, Ost begins by making sketches of his ideas in watercolor. After the client chooses a design, he prepares a proposal and drawings with the precision of an engineer. The Daniel Ost approach is much different than that of the conventional party planner as they create their designs through the computer and Daniel’s work is created through the fundamentals of fine art. By taking this approach Daniel Ost when creating your event will know and understand how the pieces of the installation fit together, the traditional party planner is left guessing through the process. Through our motto “Excellence is in the Details” we create the world’s finest events that are truly designed and intended for those who have the intellect and love for fine art to enjoy and understand them!"
"Daniel Ost and Company has a Team of Experts who can design, install and manage the social event that you have been dreaming about. We only accept a limited amount of requests annually and our clientèle provide Daniel Ost the artistic and resource freedom to create their once in a lifetime social event."

His books are on my Christmas list. Hint Hint

Shoot I still can't format this well!

Best Fish I Have Ever Eaten

I must qualify this statement by saying I usually hate fish. (I love food just hate fish!) For me, it can't look like a fish, have any body parts on it including skin and above all else smell like a fish. Do not take me to a crab shack with newspaper, mallets and buckets. Uh-uh. But the fish I ate was the Grilled Alaskan halibut steak topped with feta cheese, sliced tomato, fresh Greek oregano and lemon garlic sauce. Served with potatoes & vegetables. The picture and the description do not do justice to the great food my guests and I enjoyed at Alexi's Grill in Phoenix, Wednesday. I also heard very favorable remarks about the trout (from a fly fisherman from Montana), salmon and rack of lamb. Add the key lime pie, tiramisu and cheesecake with strawberry sauce and you get the idea we were rolled like barrels out of there. If you are looking for a new place with a classic continental feel, great waiters and friendly owner Michael, visit Alexi's. 3550 N. Central Avenue (At Osborn). 602-279-0982 A GREAT PLACE for rehearsal dinners and they do cater professionally.

PS: I hope those who read this and haven't met me know that I would not write this just because they are an advertiser with The Wedding Chronicle. I write it because it is true.

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