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What Inspires Me... Daniel Ost


David Ost is the world-renowned, award-winning Belgian flower artist. I enjoy his sensitive fusion of oriental and western sensibilities on so many levels. Terms like environmental and organic don't do justice to his detailed creations.
To quote his website:
"Daniel Ost’s arrangements demonstrate an uncanny sensitivity to the form, color, and texture of both the flowers and the containers that hold them. Seeing the best of his work, you may wonder whether the vase dictated the choice of plant materials, or whether the leaves, stems, and flowers somehow conjured up their receptacle. He can look at a vase and immediately visualize how to fill it; he especially enjoys the challenge of a container with a particularly difficult color and shape. “When I know I need something, I don’t compromise,” he says, recalling the time he once had a driver take him 300 miles (he does not drive) to procure orchids from a German nursery. “The difference between the ordinary and the extraordinary is in the details. I see one color in the glaze that my staff did not see, and I say, “We must add this to the arrangement”.

"Events by Daniel Ost are considered a one in a lifetime experience; it is his wish and desire to create a floral fantasy for his Clients so their Guests will be mesmerized by the craftsmanship, art and beauty of the finished product. When Daniel receives a commission, usually to decorate lavish parties, Ost begins by making sketches of his ideas in watercolor. After the client chooses a design, he prepares a proposal and drawings with the precision of an engineer. The Daniel Ost approach is much different than that of the conventional party planner as they create their designs through the computer and Daniel’s work is created through the fundamentals of fine art. By taking this approach Daniel Ost when creating your event will know and understand how the pieces of the installation fit together, the traditional party planner is left guessing through the process. Through our motto “Excellence is in the Details” we create the world’s finest events that are truly designed and intended for those who have the intellect and love for fine art to enjoy and understand them!"
"Daniel Ost and Company has a Team of Experts who can design, install and manage the social event that you have been dreaming about. We only accept a limited amount of requests annually and our clientèle provide Daniel Ost the artistic and resource freedom to create their once in a lifetime social event."

His books are on my Christmas list. Hint Hint

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