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Some Very Special HELP for Wedding Vendors


One of the things I find so distressing for the small business owners in the wedding industry is the lack of resources to improve business skills. That was until I attended the Wedding Business Merchant Academy last year at the Phoenix Convention Center. I learned things that not only helped me help my advertisers, but that four days changed the course of The Wedding Chronicle as well. For the better I must add.
People come from all over the country for this. The convention is coming to Phoenix September 22-25th. Speakers from such publications an Brides Magazine, the Knot, Martha Stewart Weddings will be there to help your business survive the economic downturn. For more information, visit for details. For a limited time, I can offer admission for 2 for the price of 1 discounts. All you need to do is email me at for the special application form to give you the discount.

Why Advertise in a Newspaper?


The Wedding Chronicle is such a unique publication, we know. People have asked me when are we going glossy like all the other magazines. The answer is no time soon. The benefits of a newspaper for our advertisers are many. The American Marketing Association points out the following:
  • Newspapers permit an advertiser to reach a large number of people within a specified geographical area.
  • The printed advertising message has both permanence and desired obsolescence. A reader can refer back to, or even clip and save, a particular ad, yet the next edition is new and fresh and as eagerly sought by the same reader.
  • The newspaper offers a predictable frequency of publication
  • Newspapers have immediacy. You can place an ad and within a few weeks be getting results. The frequency of publication permits quicker responses to changing market conditions.
  • People expect to find advertising in their newspapers. In fact, many people buy newspapers just to read the ads.
  • Newspapers also give a confidence to the buyer that the vendor is still in business and actively looking for new business.
So maybe you need to rethink newsprint for your marketing plans. Unlike most newspapers, we have our computers color calibrated to the monster presses used.Our digital files will then lay down the correct amount of ink and reproduce images more clearly then any other publication I have seen before. In fact, The Phoenix Business Journal and Frontdoors Lifestyle Newspaper just switched to our printer Valley Newspapers because of the quality of our publication. Thanks Valley!

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