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[together ] book photo album

"You know all those photos you've been meaning to organize? Here's a brilliant company that will do it for you. This is a fantastic gift to give yourself or the sentimental pack rat in your life." — Oprah

Not a bad endorsement for a new company. Not surprising when you find out the genius behind the company is my friend Phyllis Lane, an exceptional wedding photographer based here in Phoenix. Phyllis is the photographer for our cover bride this issue. She is also a published author, concert pianist, filmmaker and tonight I am going to opening of her first pen and ink art exhibition at a gallery in Tempe.

The [together ] book photo album is one more outlet of her creative genius. These albums are ways to convert photographs into a beautiful, library-quality hardcover book. In sizes of 4' x 6' or 5" x 7' with beautiful silk or linen cover fabrics anyone can have beautiful books. Prices start at $29.00. The brilliance of this is you can upload your pictures, select the order, color of cover, ... well just go see for your self, [together ] book photo album.

I see it as an excellent way for wedding vendors to organize the multiple cd's from photographers and present a beautiful cogent display of your work to a prospective bride and groom.

For that Unique Gift

I found GEMS Fine Jewelry a couple of years ago and enjoyed meeting Gary Thompson immensely. A native of Rhodesia, Gary came to the US in 1982 and worked with the famous jeweler Roger Coudert (Van Cleef and Arpels) in Chicago. Gary perfected the art of French Pave setting and has distinguished himself working here in Arizona on major diamond pave pieces for Scott Gautier and Alfredo Molina.

Hanging his own shingle, Gary is a fun person to know. Not only is his only work creative and impeccable but his store is filled with the most unique pieces from all over the world. Gary can tell you the story of just about every piece and he and his wonderful Jack Russell Terrier, Showlow love to tell you about them. And not just things that are out of sight price-wise. Many things are very reasonably priced and his custom work is a steal. (But don't tell him I said that!)

Send your brides and grooms for custom rings, bridesmaids gifts or those special earrings. You'll never go back to a "Chain Store". Stop by the store and just look. Meet Showlow and Gary. If you don't leave there with a special find, you'll be back soon to design one. I speak from personal experience.

GEMS Fine Jewelry

7000 N 16th Street
Phoenix, AZ 85020
Northwest Corner of Glendale Ave and 16th Street just west of SR 51.
(Squaw Peak Parkway)

The Most Beautiful Chuppah

I wish I had a nickel for every time I heard "We wanted our wedding to be Simple and Elegant." With this picture I am setting the bar. This is what I call "Simple and Elegant." Ok it may not be so simple to construct and light but this is astounding. I found it in the current edition of my favorite magazine Inside Weddings from LA. I don't know who to credit for the design so I will include both the Consultant - Reva Nathan and Associates and the Florist- Ronsley Special Events. The photographer was KingenSmith Productions and the location was The Peninsula Chicago. Well done, well done.

The New Issue is Out!


I know I haven't been heard for a while but I have a great excuse. The new issue is on the news stands and in your favorite bridal salon! This was a fun issue.

All weddings are beautiful. Choosing the 25 most beautiful weddings was tough. Well, really beyond tough. With more than sixty entrants, we simply couldn’t make up our minds. So being the scientist that I am, I took an analytical approach. We sorted by photographer, then by venue, then by uniqueness. What followed is a gorgeous mélange of color, flowers, food and textures. I hope you enjoy the following twenty-six weddings. (See? We couldn’t even stick to twenty five.)

Our cover wedding was chosen the most beautiful. It is truly amazing what can be assembled for a private residence. We tip our hats to Amy Mancuso and her staff for creating such a beautiful environment. The Flower Studio, Tri-Rentals and Phyllis Lane should also receive special kudos for a job well done. This wedding looks like something from Martha Stewart Weddings or Inside Weddings. So keep your Preston Baileys and Colin Cowies. Our local wedding professionals can do anything they can do! And we can do it beautifully, right here without their help.

I just learned of a horrifying new trend. It appears that some bridal salons in the valley are offering wedding consulting as part of their services. This is not to be confused with the gracious salon employee who refers you some of her favorite vendors. No, this is an in-house person to help you plan your wedding. Be very careful. These salons have offered the job to anyone who says they plan weddings—with no knowledge of whether that person can do an effective job or not. Apparently, they plan to get kickbacks from every vendor they send to you.

A true wedding planner is a member of any number of organizations such as The Association of Bridal Consultants. She will possess a portfolio that will knock your socks off. These professionals offer ethics, style, and organization. They will not try to force you to use certain vendors of their choice. I am the biggest promoter of wedding planners in the valley. But do your homework and hire the best. There are plenty of great ones coordinators out there.

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