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Jan-Feb Issue is ON THE STREETS!

In case you haven[t notice, your free copies of The Wedding Chronicle are available in centers through out the valley.

It’s a new year, take a deep breath and exhale. You are a very lucky and blessed soul. Congratulations on your upcoming nuptials! Let the planning begin. There are so many resources available to assist you. And as you notice in this issue, a plethora of bridal shows are being planned for you.

My best advice is to start with a meeting a professional wedding planner. Someone who can help you organize and someone with a list of wonderful vendors to recommend to you. Whether you plan had planned to use one or not, spend the money their services are invaluable. When was the last time you planned a $30,000 event? Not spending that much this year because of the economy and other considerations? Let’s try $10,000 for your event. Do you know what plus-plus means on a banquet BEO? How about what size linen on a 60 inch round and what size should the overlay be? Did I get your attention?

Paying for a consultation with a professional planner is essential. You are there to work not just talk about your ring. You need help to get started. It is worth the money. If you really click, consider hiring her (or him) to help you more. A consultant can save you money and oh, so much stress, can get extras added to service contracts or discounts from reliable vendors. A good planner will make sure you don’t waste a dollar.

We have several in this issue of The Wedding Chronicle you can trust. And they are diverse. A lot of them routinely plan weddings for the six figure crowd. But there are many others who care just as much for the small intimate ceremony or the destination wedding. Start the year off making smart decisions. You won’t be sorry.
Happy New Year!

Are you a aggressive recession advertiser?

In a study of 600 businesses, McGraw Hill Research found businesses that maintained or increased their advertising expenditures during the 1981-1982 recession, averaged higher sales growth during the recession and in the three years following. By 1985, sales of aggressive recession advertisers (those that either maintain or increased spending) had risen 256% over those that cut-back on advertising. Likewise, in 2001, another study found aggressive recession advertisers increased market share 2 1/2 times the average for all businesses in the post-recession economy.

In 2002, the Strategic Planning Institute illustrated, in contrast, during economic expansion, because 80% of businesses increased their advertising spending, there was no improvement in market share. The reason? Because everyone had increased spending. Now is the time to increase advertising, not cut it back.

We want to meet you at the show! Stop and say hi!


I can't believe it has been 3 months!


I am so sorry for those who really read my blogs. The Old New Years Resolution Guilt Fairy has whapped me on the head to get busy. I am still hiding from the one that's going to whap me for not getting back on my diet. There's always Monday!

Congratulations to Tammy and Chris Billey of Largo Photography have our cover image this issue. Great Photography isn't it?

Please look for us at Booth 5003 at the Bridal Fashion Debut in Phoenix this weekend. We will be the ones having the best time out there. We always do. Secretly, my sister and I are waiting until our sister Bobbie completes her first show. It should be interesting! He he he! I'll write more later, stay warm. (yes it's only 68 degrees in Phoenix this week)

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