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Ring Guard Solution


I have found a simple, way to make your ring fit a little more snugly. I never knew I needed it until I found it! As someone with an up and down weight problem (and an allergy to cheap jewelry), my collection of rings varies not only by color and style but by SIZE. I have rings that one day are falling off my fingers and the next day I can't get them on. This new product from Luc-Co, Inc is a soft white plastic from a tube that you can use to size your rings for a better fit.

For Brides, why have the ring sized immediately especially if you are going to lose some weight before the wedding? This little $6.95 tube of wonder is available from
Luc-Co, Inc
By the way, you can simply peel the stuff off when you are ready to size your ring or in my case, it's a fat day.

The web site says it's can also be used on clip earrings to ease pinching. There is enough stuff in the tube for 5 dozen plus applications. That should take care of my jewelry box.
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