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How Not to Create A Shrine

What to do with the Beautiful, Expensive Bridal Bouquet? I am not a big fan of the glass mausoleum enshrining your wedding bouquet. In fact, I often wonder why brides always get a throw away from the florist for the bridal toss. You see in all the years I have been aware of these things, I have never seen the picture hanging on the wall or the bell jar on the table. Maybe after the first year all of these freeze dried mementos are relegated to a storage closet. So why not have something created you will like to have around?

This I saw this website. Missy Cannon is the artist. The original idea was to combine flower preservation with the fine art of painting. After many years of success with the idea, Flowers Into Paintings® is now a thriving nationwide company.

With the growing success, Missy is proud to announce the expansion of her business into a Fine Art Gallery featuring many talented artists. It is located in Lafayette, La. and is known nationwide.

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