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You Must Pay Attention to What Congress is Doing!


Senator John Kerry (D-MA) is proposing legislation that would ban all 421 firms including the nation's largest banks that received money from the Troubled Assets Relief Program (TARP) from hosting, sponsoring or paying for conferences, holiday parties and entertainment events.

I am copying an email directly from the ISES Newsletter

ISES Advocacy – Your Voice Matters!

As you are no doubt aware, our industry has recently been splashed all over the mainstream media. From the government's proposed regulations for the disposition of the second half of the Troubled Assets Relief Program (TARP), to corporate America's cutbacks on meetings, travel, conference participation and special events for both customers and employees, our industry has been unfairly maligned as extraneous, frivolous, and unnecessary as a core business strategy during recessionary times. ISES leaders have been working behind the scenes with our fellow industry associations to thoughtfully respond to each of these assertions. Now, we need your help to reinforce these responses in your local communities and to your elected officials. Go to the ISES Industry Advocacy page to see what you can do to help carry our industry's message forward.

The actually proposed legislation is found at this link.

You may say what does this have to do with weddings? Everything! Who do you think makes the money from these meetings? Think about all the people involved with meetings and events? Airline staff ; baggage handlers; sky caps; taxi drivers; servers; bell men; housekeeping staffs; meeting planners; bartenders, rental companies, hotels, rental car agencies, florists, musicians, etc. THEY ARE THE SAME PROFESSIONALS THAT CREATE YOUR WEDDINGS. Tell Mr. Kerry, that money would go back to the taxpayers, stimulating the economy as it was supposed to do! Write your legislators call your senators! Failure to act will hurt this industry more than you know.
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